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Wade Harrison

Attorney at Law

Board Certified Specialist in Family Law (1992-Present)


“When I was eleven years old, I attended a session of General County Court in my home town of Asheville, North Carolina. There was comedy, drama and in the case of an older lawyer named Henry Fisher, more than a little theater. That is when I decided to be a lawyer.”


Wade’s legal career may have started as an ambition, but it became and remains a calling with service at the center. It includes service to the clients of this firm, service to the legal profession and service to the community where he and most of his clients live. Along the way, Wade has learned that the practice of law is more of a quest than a destination. To succeed requires balancing the effort he devotes to his firm, family, fitness and faith. He has learned that personal and professional development are integrated. The lessons of life are just as applicable to resolving disputes between children in the back yard as they are to disputes between spouses or business owners. At the beginning and end of every day, his practice is about helping people understand and solve problems. From the looks of it, he would not want to be doing anything else.


You can see a listing of Wade’s professional development milestones below. He balances all of this with his family including his wife Ellen, and their children Evan, a Presbyterian minister and Allison, a social worker. Most recently he enjoys snatches of time with his granddaughter and grandson. Wade loves to travel and scuba dive with Ellen, backpack on the Appalachian Trail, bicycle, and take photographs… especially of his grandchildren.



University of North Carolina (Juris Doctor) (1979)

University of North Carolina (Bachelor of Arts) (1976)

Admissions and Certifications

Family Financial Issues Mediator Certification

AAML Certified Arbitrator (2000-Present)

North Carolina Board Certified Specialist in Family Law (1992-Present)

U.S. Court for the Middle District (1983)

North Carolina State Bar (1979)


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